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special security detector

Military and Police airport Security Inspection hand held Liquid Scanner

Military and Police airport Security Inspection hand held Liquid Scanner
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Military and Police airport Security Inspection hand held Liquid Scanner


Handheld hazardous liquid detector /dangerous liquid detector HZ-SW801

Product Description

 Application places: airport, customs, port, station and other places of safety inspection. Safety inspection of prohibited liquids in the courts, police, prisons and detention center. Important place, exhibition hall, exhibition, business activities, events, such as important public places, such as the entrance examination. MTV, theaters, dance halls, nightclubs, bars and other entertainment venues to prevent carrying dangerous liquid.

Technical parameters

HZ-SW801 dangerous liquid detector with unique and innovative design, non-contact detection of flammable and explosive liquid in sealed containers. (Special: in airport, station, subway, court and so on the non metal container liquid security)


HZ-SW801 handheld dangerous liquid detector can allow you to quickly and more safely to check all kinds of containers, such as plastic and glass bottles and paper flexible packaging, etc.. It provides a method for the detection of any flammable and explosive liquid in a bottle or container without a lid. With the high accuracy, low false positives. 


HZ-SW801 carrying dangerous liquid detection instrument can distinguish between substances, including gasoline, the combustion mixture, acetone, nitroglycerin, variety of spirits, ether and other hazardous liquids, water, without alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, dairy products and so on.




Identification of glass and metal containers with a thickness of 5 mm thickness.

- weight: 165 g (including battery)

- Dimensions: 210x70x25 mm

- Application: To check the liquid explosive device and the bottled liquid explosive or other flammable liquid

- Location: airport and rail transit passenger inspection; prison and customs; safety inspection; sports and recreation facilities

HZ-SW801 handheld dangerous liquid detector does not require any adjustment or preparation, and very easy to use. The device sensor is close to the liquid level that you want to check, and then press the button.


automatic detectio


Green light indicates that the liquid is not flammable. Red signals indicate the presence of potentially hazardous liquids (explosive or flammable liquid).


Schematic View



Packaging & Shipping


handheld liquid detector    1 pcs
1.5V battery                           2 pcs
manual                                  1 pcs
ABS case                              1 pcs
Delivery Detail: 1 working days after getting full payment
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