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special security detector

Super precision portable handheld explosive or drug trace detector

Super precision portable handheld explosive or drug trace detector
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Super precision portable handheld explosive or drug trace detector


Super precision portable handheld explosive or drug trace detector

Product Description


HD300 portable and drugs explosives detector using advanced ion mobility spectrometry, does not contain radioactive sources, on the human body without any radiation hazards. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high sensitivity, low power consumption, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy maintenance, use environment and requirements. It can detect all the explosives and drugs prescribed by the international civil aviation organization at the same time.



1.Non-radioactive ionization source of vacuum ultraviolet,the world's first,it's used more safely and conveniently,it can analyze ingredients of explosives/narcotics easily
2.a global unique ng level detection performance for black powder which contained fireworks and homemade explosives(this function only suitable for explosive trace detection mode) detection and analysis,detection can be finished in two seconds touch detection and simple operation. 

5.equipping with a 2.8 inch TFT colour touch screen

6.the system has the function of self-cleaning which can purify the internal system of the instrument.

7.the instrment can display the operating condition parameter values directly,according to these parameters,users can judge whether the instrument could be operated normally. database,trace detecting,sample library information can be upgraded at any time.



Technology: ion mobility spectrometry

Seized explosives: a variety of military, civil and homemade explosives; such as gunpowder (black powder), ammonium nitrate (an), TNT (TNT), PETN (PETN), cyclotrimethylene trinitramine (RDX), nitroglycerin, Octo today, tetryl, dinitrotoluene (DNT), C4, Semtex. The seized drugs: cocaine hydrochloride, heroin hydrochloride, tetrahydro cannabinol, methamphetamine (meth), ketamine (k), morphine, and according to the need to add new samples;

Sampling method for trace particle adsorption and test paper wipe sampling.

Sensitivity: ng grade

Alarm mode: voice + display information

Analysis of time: less than 2 seconds

Preheating time: less than 16.5 minutes

False alarm rate: less than 1%

The detection rate: 99%

Working environment: -10℃~55℃ , relative humidity 99%

Power: AC 220V 50-60Hz/ lithium battery powered

Power adapter: input 220V/AC 50-60Hz ; output 16V/DC

Batteryparameters: lithium battery 16.8V/13Ah continuous power supply is not less than 2 hours.


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