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Handheld metal detector

Pro-Pointer Propointer garritt hand held metal detector

Pro-Pointer Propointer garritt hand held metal detector
Pro-Pointer Propointer hand held metal detector


Hand Held Metal Detector Pro Pointer THD



Your CSI PRO-POINTER THD is a portable hand-held metal detector,it is a special tool for security inspection,the main features include LED,audio alert,auto scanning,quick response to small object,and 3.5mm headphone jack,it is mainly used for security inspection in airport,court,stadium,prison and other entertainment places,it can find concealed weapon,knives and other metal object in baggage and post parcels.



1.Find evidence faster! Static detection (no motion required) speeds target recovery.
2.Proportional audible and vibrating alarms increase in intensity based on target\'s proximity to quickly pinpoint weapons, shell casings, projectiles and crime scene evidence.
3.Automatically adjusts?Microprocessor circuitry ensures maximum sensitivity with no tuning necessary.
4.Pinpointing tip and 360° side scanning capability in one pinpointer. Scan with the side of the detector to quickly cover an area, then use the tip to precisely pinpoint the target.
5.LED flashlight assists in low light recoveries.
6.Woven belt holster?included to secure CSI PRO-POINTER to standard size belts.
7.Utility uses?Search walls and tight spaces for hidden items?find metal pipes in walls or nails in drywall to locate studs...check wood for nails before cutting with expensive tools.
8.Scraping blade to sift through soil during target recovery.

9.Water resistant?CSI PRO-POINTER can be washed in running water or used in the rain.


1.The detection sensitivity: Φ1.0mm Ball

2.Power supply: 9 volt battery (6F22ND)

3.Operating temperature: -35 °C -65 °C


4.Real pictures show:

Packaging & Shipping

1 * handheld metal detector

1 * manual

1 * leather sheath

1 * 9V battery

1 * package

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