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Handheld metal detector

High sensitivity TS-P1001 portable handheld metal detector

High sensitivity TS-P1001 portable handheld metal detector
Sound mode portable security scanner 1. professional factory 2.saving power & portable 3.easy to use 4.light & audio alert


Long Range Handheld Metal Detector TS-P1001 wholesale body scanner


Your TS-P1001 is a portable hand-held metal detector,it is a special tool for security inspection,the main features include LED/audio alert,auto scanning,quick response to small object,and 3.5mm headphone jack,it is mainly used for security inspection in airport,court,stadium,prison and other entertainment places,it can find concealed weapon,knives and other metal object in baggage and post parcels.



1, the operation is simple and convenient.

2,  non-slip design, easy to work.

3, if having metal, both sides of the Alert light can glow red alarm

4, low battery consumption - standby current is zero, in working time is less than 1mA.

5, high accuracy and sensitivity - can accurately detect small metal objects (0.1g, or even smaller).

6, the battery voltage Tips --- system to detect power supply, battery failure, brownouts, when the voltage is insufficient ,

Alert light will be red.


1.The detection sensitivity: Φ2.0mm Ball

2.Power supply: 9 volt battery (6F22ND)

3.Power consumption: 220mW

4,.the operating current: less than 50mA

5.Operating temperature: -35 °C -65 °C

6.Net Weight: 450g


4.Real pictures show:


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