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Handheld metal detector

simple metal detector that can be folded TS-80

simple metal detector that can be folded TS-80
Vibration and sound mode handle metal detector 1. professional factory 2.Vibration and sound mode 3.easy to use


Model : TS-80


Vibration and sound mode handle metal detector



Product Description

 TS-80 is a universal hand-held metal detectors, can be folded,cost-effective, stable performance. Electronic detection inspection at airports, railway stations and wharfs;Security inspection of customs, public securities, frontier defense and safeguard authorities;Quality inspection of medicine and food commercial systems;Security inspection of important sites and playgrounds;Noble metal detection, such as gold or silver jewelry manufacturing plants.Use the hand-held metal detectors to carry out physical inspection to avoid manual search of human rights disputes brought. 


Alarm Indication: Audio alert and LED indicator

Power Supply:  6F22ND 9V battery

Quiescent Current:<2.5mA

Operation Current: Audio and LED<11.5mA

Body size:395*140*35mm

Net Weight:170g

Gross Weight:250g

Color Box size:277*155*59mm

Package Size:52.5*31.6*37.8cm (20pcs/carton,6.0kg/carton)

Feature and Application:samll and simple,foldable,easy for carry and package,be used for school /factory where need not high sensitivity 

Detecting distance:Pin: 10 ~ 20mm

50 grams of copper: 40 ~ 70mm

IC chip: 10 ~ 20mm,

Razor blade: 40 ~ 55mm

MP3 motherboard: 15 ~ 30mm.

¢ 20mm Ball: 80 ~ 90mm

U disk: of 30 ~~ 40mm,

Six-inch dagger: 130 ~ 150mm

Phone motherboard: 30 ~ 40mm

Pistol: 150 ~ 200mm

(The products comply with various national standards)





(1)A high detection accuracy.

(2) detecting a wide range: not only sensitive measure of iron, but also sensitive with copper, zinc, aluminum, tin, silver, etc..

(3) sound (or vibration) and light alarm.

(4) Low power consumption: a standard 9V alkaline batteries can work more than 20 hours.
(5) The functions of the circuit design: during the long time of use, the metal detector accuracy always remains the same.

(6)The alarm buzzer will rise to remind the batteries must be replaced when the electricity use up. .
(7)  adjust Detecting Accuracy easily..Application of places:
A. swords and guns safety check: airports, prisons, public security organs, the armed forces, customs stations, etc.
B. security checks: government agencies, large enterprises, the meeting site, stadiums, large venues, etc.
C. factory anti-theft inspection: hardware factory, electronics factory, cable factory, warehouse, etc.
D.  luggage security check: postal, logistics systems, etc.
E. Product quality inspection: textiles, food, pharmaceutical systems, etc.
F. other applications: exam anti-cheating check .



Packaging & Shipping

1 X handheld metal detector

1 X manual

1 X colour box

(supporting rechageable battery and adpater, too, if you need it, we can customize for you)


Our Services

  we support OEM and ODM service, can print your logo according to your demand.



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