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foods needle metal detector

1000mm-1500mm height metal detector machine for powder foods

1000mm-1500mm height metal detector machine for powder foods
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1000mm-1500mm height metal detector machine for powder foods


2017 metal detector for powder and granule


Product Description
Applicable to food, aquatic products, frozen food, chemical products, pharmaceuticals and other industries, testing products or raw materials in the production process mixed with metal impurities. Such as: iron and non-ferromagnetic metal objects (iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals can be detected), improve product safety factor, enhance product quality.



Lightweight rack, very suitable for online detection of powdery and granular products.

The dual signal detection, iron and non-ferrous metal detection sensitivity indicate independent regulation.

3. Particularly high detection sensitivity and strong prod

uct effect immunity applicable to a wide range of applications.

4 waterproof performance is good, detect head and meter box sealed, suitable for wet work environment.

Ability to adapt to the environment, work environment suitable for cold storage and high humidity.




Model HZ-DS900D
Detetion method Electromagnetic induction
Pipe diameter 50mm 100mm 12mm can customize different size
Sensitivity Fe:0.8mm Fe:0.8mm Fe:1.0mm  
SUS:1.5mm SUS:1.8mm SUS:2.0mm  
Height of the equipment 1000mm-1500mm
Alarm mode Alarm and exclusion
Size 1000x1000x1500mm (L*W*H)
Weight 150kg
Power supply AC110-240V,50-60Hz
Schematic View



Packaging & Shipping

1 * pipeline metal detector

1 * bag of tool

1 * manual

1 * wooden package


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