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Walk through metal detector

33 zones Portable Door Usage Full Body scanner garritt walk through metal detector PD6500i

33 zones Portable Door Usage Full Body scanner garritt walk through metal detector PD6500i
33 zones Portable Door Usage Full Body scanner walk through metal detector PD6500i


Easy operation portable walk through metal detector door popular in malaysia


Product Description

 Walk through metal detector belonging to a fixed detector, also called the security gate, is mainly used to 

check the hidden metal objects on the body. When inspectors walk through the security gate,and carried the metal objects which exceeds the default weight,quantity, or shape, the metal detector will alarm. and display 

the alarm. It will help the security person find the contraband metal objects.As one of the highest tech products currently, our products can induction faster, more accurate detection, higher sensitivity and stronger anti-interference, to meet the needs of various industries.


1. 33 pinpoint zones to precisely identify multiple target location from head to toe on the left,center and right sides of the body.

2 .20 Standard Programs for security application versatility.

3. All weather water proof, IP55 Standard . Durable with Alloy & PVC Construction.

4.100 sensitivity level Adjustable Flexibility: We can reach the security requirements by adjusting the flexibility. There are 100  flexibility degrees in each detective area.

5. Adopt the advanced digital pulse technology,both side of the gate can transmit and receive the signal,can eliminate the false alarm areas and accurately determine the location of the metal objects.

6. The digital filtering system of DSP signal processing offers high ability to resist electromagnetic interference,touch and impaction which makes the door can be used in the crowded areas.

7. High capability of anti-interference:

The adoption of digital, analogy and left and right balanced technology can prevent false or omitted alarming, which greatly enhance the capability of anti-interference.

8. Warranty: 24 months,parts and labor.


a . Easy Assembly


GRT, 33ZONE Modular design allows for a quick and easy assembly, only 4 screws to mount it.




b . Pinpoint detection zones


there are 33 distinct pinpoint detection zones for full target coverage on the left, centre and right side of the body from head to toe




c . traffic lights


on the entrance of the archway ,there traffic light to remind you the detector is ready  for passenger.




d . Audible and visual alarms


there is audible alarm and visual LED lights signal when a target has been detected ,the pinpoint lights on the exit gatepost  will show the location of  any offending object.




e . Touchpad controls


The accesss control panel is designed for use by authorized personnel with specific,multi-level security allows authorized  users to change settings.




f . Self-test


no battery is required for memory retention.while the unit is in operation,a self-test is performed , any failures or problems will be immediately reported on the LCD display.


Schematic View


Packaging & Shipping

leg unit                       x 2

head control unit    x1

bag of bolts           x1

Manual                  x1



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