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X-ray baggage machine

Luggage cargo Inspection X-ray Scanner TS-100100 baggage inspection scanner

Luggage cargo Inspection X-ray Scanner TS-100100 baggage inspection scanner
Luggage cargo Inspection X-ray Scanner TS-100100 baggage inspection scanner


Subway/bus station/airport Cargo Inspection Machine X-Ray scanner TS-100100


Product Description

TS-100100 X-ray security screening equipment widely used in airports, railway stations, bus stations, government buildings, embassies, convention centers, exhibition centers, hotels, shopping malls, major events, post offices, schools, logistics, industrial inspection and other places.Model characteristics and configuration: All parts imported , clear image, strong penetrating power, long service life, using the latest international standards


Work Principle

X - ray security inspection equipment has the baggage handling, X ray source and control part, signal 

acquisition and processing and the transmission part and the image processing part and electric control part. X - ray security inspection equipment will send checked baggage into the crawler channel to complete the 

transfer with the help of the conveyor belt. Goods into the channel, detection device and relevant information will be sent to the control unit, the X - ray source emitting X rays by the control unit triggers. X ray through the collimator form very narrow fan beam,through the conveyor belt into the luggage on the detector, the X - ray 

detector transfers received Xray into the electrical signal.The weak current signal is amplified to quantify ,

Transmitted through the universal serial bus to the industrial control computer for further processing, and afteroperation imaging processing complex to obtain high quality images.



Dimension: 4450(L)*1330(W)*1885(H)mm

Tunnel Size: 1000(W)*1000(H)mm

Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s

Conveyor Max Load: 200kg

Rate of ray leakage: Less than 0.31 μ Gy/h

Resolution: Dia0.101mm Metal Wire

Penetration: 38mm Steel

Film Safety: Guarantee ISO1600 Film

X-ray Generate model: Spellman from USA

X-ray Generate direct: Downward

X-ray Generate angle: 80 degree

X-ray Anode Voltage: 100-160Kv

X-ray Anode current: 0.4 -1.2mA

Cooling / Duty Cycle: Oil Cooling /100%

Operation temperature/Humidity:


Storage Temperature/Humidity:


Operation Power: 220VAC(+/-10%), 50+/-3Hz

Power Consumption: 1.1 KW

Noise: Less than 56dB

Wooden Packing Size: 4550(L)*1430(W)*1985(H)mm

Overall weight: 1000kgs


Advanced Performance:


Turn off by a key control: Simple controlling;

To turn off the machine only need one step, to revolves the key. The equipment will automatic close-down.

Emergency braking system control separately:

Only the transmission and X-ray generator will be power-cut after the emergency braking button be pressed.

High resolution definition:

Important part is imported, with excellent resolution definition;

Water-proof function:

With the special design inside of tunnel, no matter if small amount of liquids overflow from luggage during inspection

Eagle-eye function:

Could be expediently 128-times observing enlargement area

Alarm by sounds & light:

Alarm by sounds and light when conform to condition.


Schematic View

Packaging & Shipping


Packing details

carton packing

1 set/ctn

Packing Size: (L)4550*(W)1430*(H)1985mm

Gross Weight:1000kg

Payment terms

T/TWestern Union, Money Gram, Cash, Escrow,L/C

Shipping methods

By air   (5-7daysmost expensive)

By express (3-7daysmore expensive)

By sea    (15-28days, cheapest)



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