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Body temperature scanner detector door

High sensitivity walk through full body temperature scanner

High sensitivity walk through full body temperature scanner
High sensitivity walk through full body temperature scanner


Model number: TS-BS600


Walk through detector gate TS-BS600 Body temperature scanner


Product Description

Body temperature scanner door is measuring the surface temperature of the human, and then get the actual temperature of the human body based on the relationship between body temperature and the temperature of the forehead. Energy detector optical assembly will bring together Emission and Reflection forehead to the sensor, the electronic components by transforming this information into a temperature reading which is displayed on the display panel when the temperature readings over temperature alarm value, the instrument will sound an alarm at the same time red packets lights. Usage: suitable for detecting entry and exit ports, airports, railway stations, docks, hospitals, offices, factories, schools, hotels and office buildings and other public places, body temperature, having fever patient-friendly screening to reduce the spread of infection and disease.


1. Super bright  LCD display, the appearance of luxury and beauty

2. Built-in power supply: don't be afraid of no power, unplugged or temporary use outside, can be used continuously for 2-8 hours (customized)

3. Waterproof: rainy, can still use in the outside

4.Infrared measuring temperate,organic infrared measuring temperature with metal security integration

Infrared temperature the cervix, human alarm, tip temperature anomalies, effectively prevent scale disease

5.Sound and light alarm

6.Can be in the open air (the rain) to work properly, and do not need to cover

7.PVC synthetic materials and special process, waterproof luxurious appearance is more suitable for large-scale high places.

8.Intelligent traffic and alarm counting function, can automatically statisticians by the number and the number of alarm.

9.Digital, analog, and left and right balanced technology to prevent false alarms and false negatives, and greatly improve the anti-jamming capability.

10.Double password protection, allowing only authorized personnel operation, the password needed to be modified and lost password recovery settings, and more secure. Parameter settings are automatically stored without uninterruptible power supply protection, safer and more convenient.

11.EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, the use of weak magnetic field technology, a pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video tapes and other sound.

12.This series body temperature detector door with integrated design, installation or removal is completed in 20 minutes, were equipped with installation and commissioning Operating Instructions.



Power Supply: AC90V-250V 50HZ-60HZ

Power: <20W

Minimum resolution: 0.1 ℃.
Temperature range: 33 ℃ ~ 45 ℃(you can set alarm level by which degree)
Total power: ≤20W.
Repeatability error: 0.2 ℃.

Warning temperature measurement error: ± 0.6 ℃.
Measurement time: ≤0.3 seconds.
Multiple measurement intervals: ≤1 seconds.

Dimensions: 2200mm (H) '800mm (in width) '500mm (deep)

Channel dimensions: 2010mm (H) '700mm (W) '500mm (D)

Color: black, charcoal gray or other customers custom color

Weight: about 78kg

Work environment: -20 ° C-+45 ° C

Standard: GB15210-2003 national standard through metal detector door general technical specifications.



Packaging & Shipping

leg unit              x 2

head control unit    x1

bag of bolts           x1

Manual                 x1


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