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Walk through metal detector

Door Frame Metal Detector TS-W600-(1) walk through metal detector

Door Frame Metal Detector TS-W600-(1) walk through metal detector
fire-proof metal detector door 1.sensitivity 0-99 level 2.internal power 3.with Pillar Lamp 4.6 zones,,remote control


Model No:TS-WD600-(1)


Product Description

Walk through metal detector TS-WD600-1 belonging to a fixed detector, also called the security gate, is mainly used to check the hidden metal objects onthe body. When inspectors walk through the security gate,and carried the metal objects which exceeds the 

default weight,quantity, or shape, the metal detector will alarm. and display the alarm in which zones. It will helpthe security person find the contraband metal objects.As one of the highest tech products currently, our products can induction faster, more accurate detection, higher sensitivity and stronger anti-interference, to meet the needs of various industries.




Accurate positioning: 6 overlapping mesh detecting areas, bilateral emission, bilateral receiving,can accuratepositioning by detecting, visual display the zone of the target. 


Microprocessor technology: electromagnetic waves produced by a microcomputer control circuit, scan rate can be precisely controlled scans. Set according to the needs of the control panel, make sure to set the sensitivity with flexibility, reliability and stability.


Sound and light alarm: 3 options for adjustable volume alarm sound: high, low, or no voice, adapted to the use of different occasions.


Adjustable sensitivity for each zones: Each zone has 100 sensitivity level (0 to 99). Pre-set the size of the metal objects, can be avoid the false alarms such as coins, buttons, jewelry, belt buckles 

and ect.


Digital pulse technology: Digital signal processing filter systems, have excellent anti-jamming capability.


Password protection: Only enter the correct password; you can set the sensitivity and other parameters. Password is 4-digitsit can be set by the user.


Counting Statistics: Count the quantity of the passed people and the times of alarm..


Harmless: harmless to the heart pacemakers in the human boty, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disk, tape 

and ect.


Power Safety: The power is on the top of the main unit, higher water resistance.


Configuration waterproof gloves: not only can fix the door, but also water proof. 


Waterproof: made of PVC composite materialbetter waterproof, fireproof, and shock resistance.


Easy installation: The system is integrated design, only takes 20 minutes to complete the installation or 




Power Supply: 90-250V/50~60HZ

Net Weight: 67KG

Power Supply: 220V/50~60HZ

Net Weight: 67KG

Power: <20W

Operating environment:-20℃~45℃

Channel dimensions:2000mm(h)×700mm(w)×605mm(d)

Dimensions: 2230mm (high) × 830mm (width) × 730mm (D)

Package dimensions (door): 2300mm (length) × 740mm (width) × 260mm (H)

Package dimensions (main chassis): 780mm (length) × 480mm (width) × 270mm (H)


Schematic View




The detection region
According to the basic structure of the human body detector gate is divided into 6 overlapping detection area, the use of mesh detection and single frequency excitation technique to eliminate the weak areas and blind spots in the detection area, sensitivity higher, more stable performance.
Sound and light alarm, pitch speed can distinguish between metal object size,the alarm volume mode is suitable for different choice, by super bright LED alarm lamp can accurately display the body corresponding highly hiding prohibited items.

Product Process
PVC synthetic materials and special process, waterproof luxurious appearance is more suitable for large-scale high places.
Smart Statistics
Intelligent traffic and alarm counting function, can automatically statisticians by the number and the number of alarm.
Anti-interference ability
Digital, analog, and left and right balanced technology to prevent false alarms and false negatives, and greatly improve the anti-jamming capability.
Safety protection
Double password protection, allowing only authorized personnel operation, the password needed to be modified and lost password recovery settings, and more secure. Parameter settings are automatically stored without uninterruptible power supply protection, safer and more convenient.
Electromagnetic radiation
EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, the use of weak magnetic field technology, a pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video tapes and other sound.
This series metal detector with integrated design, installation or removal is completed in 20 minutes, were equipped with installation and commissioning Operating Instructions.

Field of use

Airport, venue, events, railway stations, docks, entertainment, prisons, courts, government departments, factories, examination room, shopping malls, community channel security check and prohibited items inspection areas.


Packaging & Shipping

leg unit              x 2

head control unit    x1

bag of bolts           x1

Manual                 x1

remote control      x1



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If you want to add stainless steel bottom wheels for convenience, that is ok,and we can customize backup battery supporting walk through metal detector door 8 hours working,too
please contact us for more details. Thanks!



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